The Pawspective of JOY September 14, 2023

Morning run to Cathedral Rock

This is one of my preferred morning runs (ca. 5miles): Not too busy, and Easy Breezy is lots of fun because it is quite shady and has a plethora of great smells as the sandy trail crosses the wash many times. I lost count but might be 7+ times.  Unfortunately, today I didn’t see anything exciting, no bunnies or deers, only one Mountain Biker… 😉

Below are some direction for your human…I don’t need them, I just follow my nose 😉

  • Park at Little Horse Trail Head – we could even pick our spot this morning
  • Follow Chicken Point to Bell Rock Pathway, then HT trail to Easy Breezy
  • You can turn it into a loop by following Easy Breezy up to Cathedral Rock, then Templeton (head left on it) until you hit HT trail and then back to Bell Rock Pathway to your parking spot
  • or…. an in and out like we did today…