The Pawspective of JOY September 26, 2023

Have you done the “Bell – EIGHT” = Bell Rock & Baby Bell Run

 We call this run the “Bell-EIGHT” … For mom this is about 3.5 miles, I am sure I clock at least 4miles – haha

We run two loops, one around Bell Rock and another around Baby Bell – looks like a little odd-shaped figure eight (I studied the map carefully and highlighted the route for your human) – this trail is lots of fun:

  • park at Court House Vista
  • walk up to Bell Rock Pathway – admire Bell Rock in front of you
  • go right on Bell Rock Pathway
  • take a left on Big Park Loop and another left on Rector (this is cool as you run between Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock)
  • once you are back on Bell Rock Pathway, go down towards parking lot or take phone trail and stay on Phone Trail
  • follow Phone until you see sign for Baby Bell (see map), take a right until Llama where you take another right
  • surrounding Baby Bell brings you back onto Bell Rock Pathway, follow sign on the right, Baby Bell is to your right
  • at the bottom, you see Phone trail to your left, take that back to the parking lot.. maybe 0.3 miles


Then, I love to rest on the bench and observe the parking lot while mom stretches …